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Saints Swim Club would like to welcome new members and those renewing membership for the 2018/2019 season.

1. Click here for Registration Swimming QLD - select Club: Saints SC Inc
2. Make note of the Username & Password allocated by Swimming QLD as it's needed for carnival nomination.
3. One parent must register with Swimming QLD - please email names of registering members
(parent & swimmer/s) + passport or birth certificate of swimmers. 
4. A payment email will be sent out.

TRANSFER to Saints Swim Club 
Need to request release for parent & swimmer/s from current club via their registrar and need membership numbers.
Please email full name and membership numbers (parent & swimmesr) to our club register 
Kirk Donaldson - to organise release. 

Club Membership Fees
Saints Swim Club membership is $65.00 per family plus
fee for affiliation with
Swimming Australia ($23.00), Swimming Queensland ($43.00), and FNQ Regional Swimming Association ($12.00)
At least one parent per family must be a member.

Swimming Queensland, Swimming Australia & FNQRSA Fees, Insurance GST for 2017-2018Season
1st Swimmer     2nd Swimmer     3rd Swimmer 4th + Swimmer Parents/Officials
$82.00 $82.00 $60.50 $27.00 Free

 1 swimmer  for season                     = $147.00
 2 swimmers for season (+$82.00)    = $229.00
 3 swimmers for season (+$60.50)    = $289.50
 4 swimmers for season (+$27.00)    = $316.50

Saints Swimming Club Policies:

  1. S.S.C. Strategies for Communication and Support Policy
  2. S.S.C. Child Compliance with Blue Card System Policy
  3. S.S.C. Child Youth Risk Management Strategy - Statement of Committment
  4. SAL Child Welfare Policy
  5. SAL General Info and Procedures
  6. SAL Code of Conduct