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FNQ have 3 squads:

Junior Development Squad - open to all members registered with FNQ Swim Association. Based around developing competitive skills.

State Development Squad - swimmers who are targeting qualifing or competing at State level competition.

High Performance Squad - swimmers who are targeting qualifing or competing at National level competition. This group established a training
requirement of minimum of 8sessions / week.

FNQRSA Squads Flyer

Recent corresspondance 21Apr
Calendar 2016 / 2017
We have given you all a few weeks off from receiving emails from us but guess what – it’s that time of the year when we start to prepare our calendar for next season!!!!
The calendar this year has been prepared by working closely with Drew McGregor.  We have discussed several ideas for next season and in doing this we have identified where carnivals are needed and what format is needed for the development of our swimmers.  Clubs very soon will be offered dates.
FNQ Championships 2017
Drew and Swimming Qld have been involved with working with other regions with their championship meets and Wide Bay Region have successfully changed their Championships format this year.  Other regions, including FNQ are in discussions to changing formats next season.  This idea was first presented to us at the SQ meeting held in December in Brisbane.  All regions were very open to having a change of format.  A lot more work is needed and we are working closely with Drew to get it right so we will fill you all in when we have this finished.
I am sure the swimmers involved with the squads this year will agree that they were fun and informative.  Having someone to work with closely to get these squads right is certainly making our job easier and I am sure everyone has enjoyed Drew’s involvement.
Please note that all current squads have ended for this season and all swimmers and coaches have been removed from all squads. New squad qualifying times are being created now and will be sent out as soon as they are available.  New squad members and squad coaches will be announced again this year at FNQ Short Course in August.  Please make sure you keep your shirts as swimmers who have already been given shirts will not be given a new shirt unless moving to a new squad. 
Thanks for a great 2015 / 2016 season.  We realize that making these calendar and championships changes may make some clubs apprehensive but please remember a lot of thought and ideas have gone into this and that our main goal is for the development of the swimmers in the region. 

Kind Regards
Tracy Lammert

Mobile: 0429 912 982