Saints Swimming adult program is designed to caters for swimming levels ranging from beginners to masters. Our adults program provides a social environment where people can meet with varing targets whether to swim for fun, fitness and competition.

The program operates with a certain amount of individualised training available. 
On one side of the pool we run a more basic program for those who need stroke correction and those that want to swim more than a couple of laps without feeling like their lungs are about to explode.  
At the same time on the other side we can work on some of the more technical aspects and give progressively more testing training sets to improve speed and fitness.

Our friendly coaches will ensure you feel welcome and ensure training becomes an enjoyable experience.

Training Times

Our Adult classes only operate during the school term.
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Thursday                          6.00-7.00pm     Caters for beginners (learn to swim), intermediate & advanced. Coming near the end of the week we generally build aerobic capacity so volume while still incorporating drills to maintain good technique and efficiency over greater distances.


Casual                               $12
10 Session Pass                $100

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